A diary of my visit to two cities in the center of the founding of my country: Boston and Philadelphia Oct. 14 - 24, 2005

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Welcome to Lost-In-Founders!

For the past six years, I have had a strong desire to visit Boston, Massachusetts. I enjoy studying the Revolutionary period of US History and want to enhance my understanding with a visit to some key places. After I started doing a little research on the sites in Boston, however, I realized that Philadelphia was even more significant to my readings! Philly became the second leg of my trip. I wanted to end the trip with a grand finale of sorts. Since I was already visiting the Adams' Farm in Boston, it seemed fitting to end my trip on the road, with stops at Mt. Vernon and Monticello, thereby including the homes of our first three Presidents.

I hope you enjoy reading about my trip. I plan on posting each evening, while resting my feet from all of the day's walking. On that note, how about a little contest? I will be wearing a pedometer for the entire trip. Does anyone want to take a guess at how many steps and/or miles I will walk over this 10-day period?


Anonymous Mom said...

Be a good girl!

10/11/2005 10:01 PM  
Anonymous frank d said...

my guess would be 35 miles for ten days

10/12/2005 7:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you don't have to drive in Boston...They are very agressive behind the wheel out there

10/12/2005 7:14 AM  
Blogger Katie said...

Hmmmmm, I will be driving one day through Boston, but not a lot in Boston. I will be going to Concord and Lexington with a car. I'm not even going to try to leave the interstate in the city. :)

10/12/2005 8:11 PM  
Anonymous Bill of Writes said...

Listen to your mother...but do have a good time!

10/13/2005 3:46 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

1 mile is equal to 5280 feet. I measured Katie's stride to be 2.17 feet. So on average it will take Katie 2433 steps to complete one mile.

I'm guessing Katie will walk about 5 miles a day or 50 miles total. This works out to be about 121,659 steps.

10/13/2005 4:01 PM  
Anonymous Mom said...

I have estimated Katie's walking distance to be 33 miles, just short of my father's guess.

10/14/2005 8:46 PM  
Anonymous Dad said...

I believe Katie will walk 147,000 steps during her trip.

10/14/2005 8:48 PM  
Anonymous Bekah said...

I think Katie will walk 23 miles and one foot!! (Not "on" one foot)

10/14/2005 8:50 PM  
Anonymous David said...

I think she will walk 87 miles. 1987 was a very good year for me.

10/14/2005 8:53 PM  
Blogger Danu said...

Have fun on the trip!!!! It would be really cool to see a few pictures of the different places you go to. Photobucket.com has free hosting or you can use blogger services, either way it would be cool to see some pictures!

I look forward to reading about your adventures!


10/14/2005 9:00 PM  
Anonymous Christian said...

I am going to guess about 110,000 steps.

10/14/2005 10:02 PM  
Anonymous Micah said...

I think Katie will walk 91,000 steps before she returns home.

10/14/2005 10:07 PM  
Anonymous Rose said...

i'm guessing Katie will walk about 60 miles on her 10 day trip...however, she may end up back-tracking quite a bit...if she's at all like me..which she isn't...so maybe only 30. so who knows?! i think i'm sticking to my 60 mile guess.

10/15/2005 1:06 AM  
Anonymous Rose said...

hope you're having fun Katie!

is this going to be like The Price is Right, where if it is above the highest guess than that guess is correct? somebody should guess 0, then if it's below the lowest bid that person wins.

10/15/2005 1:09 AM  
Blogger Christopher said...

I think that Katie will wander for 40 miles once she reaches her promised land.

10/15/2005 9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Tony Wallen I think 47.3 miles over the 10 day period. though it may be lower because of rainy weather in the first part of the trip.

10/15/2005 3:51 PM  

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