A diary of my visit to two cities in the center of the founding of my country: Boston and Philadelphia Oct. 14 - 24, 2005

Friday, October 14, 2005


October 14th, 2005 – Plane trip was uneventful. The first leg from Nashville to Cincinnati was boring. I had some good Cincinnati Chile for dinner in the airport. The flight to Boston was pretty good. There were two helpful guys who answered all of the questions I had left about the public transportation in Boston. Unfortunately, there were several questions that I did not know to ask (see Saturday’s entry). I left the Boston airport at 11:30. The ride to the B&B was a little under 30 minutes. I checked in. This B&B is pretty homey. I like it. I got to bed around 2:00. that’s not a lot of sleep for the busy day I have planned!!


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